Keanu goes full Gosling, gives up his seat on the subway

In a move that could only be described as “Goslingesque,” Keanu Reeves channeled the spirit of Baby Goose recently, vacating his seat on the subway to make way for a woman holding a bag — even though Keanu was holding a bag himself! It’s like he doesn’t even think of himself, only others! Seriously though, the YouTube video is entitled Keanu Reeves: Gentleman or Douche?, and I can’t imagine how that’s even in question. The fact that he’s even riding the subway in the first place means he’s a pretty down-to-Earth guy. He’s a multi-millionaire movie star. I can barely stand to be around those scuzz-toting peons myself, and I’m not even a ten thousandaire. If I was Keanu Reeves, there’s no way you’d catch me on public transportation without a gas mask and at least three bodyguards carrying crossbows. I rode those subways for three years, and if there’s one thing I learned, it’s that breathing poor people air makes you ugly.