‘Making A Murderer’: This Letter Ken Kratz Sent Steven Avery Will Leave You Dumbfounded

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01.25.16 19 Comments

Steven Avery’s new attorney, Kathleen Zellner, has wasted no time taking her client’s case to the court of public opinion, tweeting her disdain for the evidence that put Avery away and attacking media outlets that cite false information to claim he’s guilty. Now she’s attacking special prosecutor Ken Kratz, one of the most hated figures to come out of the Making A Murderer documentary on Steven’s case.

We’ve got the full text of the letter below but Zellner sums it up nicely: Kratz basically asks Avery to confess to him so he can write a tell all book about the case. As if that wasn’t messed up enough, he also disses Avery for asking him to look into fingerprint evidence that might exonerate him. Why would Ken do that when Steven is guilty? Steven really needs to stop it with these nonsense claims and just admit he did it so he can join the ranks of other famous killers who confessed.

Kratz wrote this letter back before Making A Murderer came out and turned into a viral sensation, so he probably never expected it to surface. It’s just more fuel for people who interpreted his behavior during Avery’s trial as prosecutorial misconduct, and believe him to be a narcissistic weirdo more interested in furthering himself than in seeking justice.

Here’s the text of the letter in full:

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