Kids See The Darndest Things In The ‘Heaven Is For Real’ Trailer

In Heaven is for Real, Greg Kinnear plays Todd Burpo, who is the real-life pastor who wrote a bestselling book about his young son’s claim that he visited heaven during an operation. In the book, Colton Burpo told stories of how he was visited in heaven by his sister who died in utero and his grandfather that died long before he was born, and now those stories are being brought to the big screen by Sony Pictures just in time for Easter 2014. Wow, that works out pretty well.

In the new trailer for Heaven is for Real, we’re asked if we believe in Heaven by a loud, booming voice that I believe is supposed to represent either God or the old homeless man that my friends and I accidentally struck with a car during the summer before college. But we vowed never to tell anyone and now he haunts us every year. It really sucks.

To answer the question, though, yes. Yes, I believe in heaven. Because I know that it’s a place on Earth.