Kids Used To Pick On Ugly Charlize Theron

12.01.11 6 years ago 21 Comments

Charlize Theron is a world famous actress, having starred in more than 30 films, and her career was validated when she won the Best Actress Oscar for Monster, the story of a really ugly lady. Now it turns out that Theron may have had an easier time pretending to be ugly than most people could have ever imagined. That’s right, Charlize Theron… WAS A NERD!

“I wasn’t in the popular crowd. There was a really popular girl at school and I was obsessed with her. I mean you would go to jail for that stuff today,” Theron says with a laugh. “I was in tears one day because I couldn’t sit next to her.”

Wait, what?

“I actually got a lot of the mean girl stuff from the ages of 7 to 12. I was pretty much a mess in primary school,” she admits. “But I got that out of my system by the time I got to high school and was more immune to all of that stuff.” (Via People)

And if only those bullies could see her now, they would probably throw mud in her fat, ugly face and spit in her hair like it was on fire. She’s disgusting and she makes me want to puke.

You can catch Ol’ Pukeface in the upcoming Young Adult, which opens next Friday.

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