Here’s what a John Travolta/Robert DeNiro movie that goes straight to VOD looks like

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06.07.13 23 Comments

Can you imagine how bad a movie starring John Travolta and Robert DeNiro would have to be to go straight to VOD? Well imagine no longer, Charlie Dulldreams, because we have the trailer for Killing Season, which hits VOD and opens in limited released (probably reeeally limited) July 14th.

Why wouldn’t it get a proper release? Let us count the ways:

  • From the director of Ghost Rider and Daredevil? Check.
  • Plot lifted from a direct-to-DVD Steven Seagal movie? Check.
  • Deniro playing a reclusive ex-military commando? Check.
  • A training montage in which he does half a sit up and three quarters of one pull-up? Check, check, and check.
  • Deniro with a Southern accent straight out of a high school production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas? Check.
  • John Travolta with an Amish beard and authentic Eastern European Villain™ accent? Check, double check.
  • “Serbian death squad”? Check.
  • Two old bros just chilling in their rocking chairs, hanging out drinking Jäger from the bottle? Check.
  • A sound mix so bad you can’t even understand the shitty dialog they’re delivering?

That is one of the worst sound mixes I’ve ever heard. Pay special attention to the 45-second mark, for the obviously-dubbed-in-post setup for Travolta’s line, “hunting.”

When Travolta answers, it sounds like he’s responding to the trailer narrator, which sounds about right for this movie. It’s pretty bad when even the trailer announcer guy at the end is competing with the background sounds.


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