Matt Lieb Visits The San Francisco Armory, ‘The Kinkiest Place On Earth’

If you’ve never heard of it, Kink is a porn studio currently housed in the San Francisco Armory Building (fitting) that lives up to its nickname as the Kinkiest Place on Earth. It’s a massive, Moorish castle-style building (200,000 square feet) filled with all manner of porn sets and even a fully sound-proofed event center (imagine a room the size of a hockey rink with no echo, it’s bizarre). James Franco even made a documentary about it. As Matt described it, “it’s like Universal Studios with chains.”

Long story short, it’s a great place to visit if you ever want to see an industrial barrel of lube or an oil painting of someone getting fisted. (True story, they also have a life-sized Johnny 5 replica with penises for arms). Our friends at Woodrocket recently got the full tour, and they tapped my Frotcast compatriot Matt Lieb to host. He turned out to be the perfect fit, probably on account of he doesn’t mind getting slapped around a bit (also makes him an ideal Frotcast co-host). His guides included Aiden Starr, Veruca James, and Cherry Torn, who may or may not be related to Rip. has the uncensored version (the oil paintings in particular are a must-see), but as an on-set witness to all this, I think my favorite part was Matt Lieb and Aiden Starr getting into a heated discussion (inspired by the St. Andrew’s Cross) of Theon Greyjoy, and whether he’d had just his testicles removed, or penis and testicles. My understanding was both. Oh yeah, spoiler alert. Jeez, I never thought this post would end with a Game of Thrones spoiler, sorry about that. Anyway, what is dead may never die!