Kirk Cameron swears his birthday party was actually super fun and everyone came

Last week, we posted this now-infamous photo of Kirk Cameron’s birthday party. It was originally posted on Twitter by Christian Vlogger Lane Chapman, who didn’t provide much context. Naturally, we had to invent our own. Like that Kirk was celebrating his 41st birthday with 42 inches of Subway sandwiches (the extra inch represents “and many more”). Or that poor Belinda back there had to stand outside as punishment for accidentally humming a Fleetwood Mac song. (“Secular music is a sin, Belinda! Stay outside and think about what you’ve done!”).

Well now, some people who actually attended the birthday party have come forward to say that despite what the picture looks like, it was actually super fun and everyone came. Chapman, the original poster, wrote:

I posted the pic to wish Kirk happy birthday. Much of the media made their own conclusions which I do not share. Happy birthday, Kirk!

Meanwhile, some folks at Yahoo spoke to some others attendees to get the full story:

Cameron, who is now pursuing a new television career as a Christian evangelist and co-host of an evangelical show called “The Way of the Master,” spent his birthday at Living Waters Ministry in Bellflower, Calif. The ministry’s staff threw him a small party, and ordered from Subway. Lane Chaplin, a student at nearby Trinity Law School and a guest at the party, snapped a photo of Cameron blowing out the candles on a cake in Living Waters’ rather sparse conference room.

According to a person at the party who spoke to The Cutline, there were 10-15 people behind the camera when the photo of Cameron was taken. [Yahoo/Cutline]

Oh right, our bad. A millionaire had his 41st birthday party catered with five-dollar sandwiches. It would be silly of us to imply that that wouldn’t be totally awesome. Though if Kirk Cameron actually fed those 15 people with just four sandwiches… well, he may not be on Jesus’s level yet, but you have to admit, it’s still pretty impressive.

Shut the f*ck up, Belinda! No sandwich for sinners!

Aw, but zesty Hawaiian is my favorite. ;-(

(*forever alone*)