TRAILER: The Liberace movie looks like a two-hour Schmitt’s Gay commercial (YAY!)

It may seem like we’ve seen a lot of trailers for Steven Soderbergh’s Liberace movie lately, but one of those was actually The Great Gatsby trailer. In any case, today brings the longest trailer yet for Behind the Candelabra, which premieres May 26th, starring Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon as his lovaah Scott Thorsen (please, no lisp jokes). Soderbergh has been on a roll after Magic Mike and Side Effects, so I’d love to see him prove all the studios who thought it was “too gay” – this in a world where Glee enjoys wild popularity and the Disney Channel styles all of its stars like fastidious homosexuals – wrong.

But I dunno, man. First Jeremy Irons says I have to gay marry my dad, and now the guy from Basic Instinct has to play the gayest man in the world? Thanks a lot, Obama.

This feels like a two-hour commercial for Schmitt’s Gay. Which is all I’ve ever wanted. (*puts on roller skates, takes off down sidewalks of San Francisco holding ribbon twirlers in both hands*)

MILLION DOLLAR IDEA: Combine Michael Douglas’s Liberace and Al Pacino’s Phil Spector into one movie, where they play flamboyant buddy cops out to prove to those young whippersnappers that they’ve still got it, like a gay-straight odd couple. Think of the Viagra mix-ups! Please, someone make this immediately.