Here’s the new trailer for Russia’s war action blockbuster ‘Stalingrad’

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11.14.13 51 Comments

Directed by Fedor Bondarchuk, yes THAT Fedor Bondarchuk, Stalingrad is being billed as the biggest film in Russia’s history, as it is a 3D IMAX action experience that will make the sheer awesomeness of a Scorpions concert look like a boring old Trepanga show. The film is already out in Russian theaters, so if you live over there and have the government’s permission to leave your home, you should probably go see it immediately. Unfortunately, us losers in the USA don’t have that luxurious freedom, because Stalingrad doesn’t have a release date set for America yet.

We do have a trailer, however, and this movie looks pretty amazing.

Stalingrad, according to my Florida public school education, is the Russian city that was home to the biggest battle in the history of war, and it was named after Joe Stalin, who was a terrible guy except when he was fighting the Nazis, because then he was our friend and he wore blue jeans and listened to Billy Joel. And the battle was won when Colonel Chappy Sinclair and a team of American and Russian fighter pilots got past their differences and worked together to take down a common enemy. RIP Doug Masters.

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