LEGO Movie Directors Lord And Miller May Direct Ghostbusters 3

Any director who could make The LEGO Movie both a commercial and critical success is rightly viewed as a miracle worker in Hollywood, and a miracle is exactly what Sony needs if they want to make a 25-years-past-the-fact sequel to Ghostbusters work with half the original cast deceased or uninterested. So it is that rumors that Sony wants LEGO Movie/21 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller for Ghostbusters 3 are, if not credible, then certainly logical.

Nikki Finke broke the news via tweet:


I don’t know if this will turn out to just be some score Nikki wanted to settle or axe she had to grind, but if it’s true, it’s a great idea*. I mean, I’d be surprised if they didn’t want Lord & Miller, but it could be a clear case of “Yeah, take a number, bro.”

*Well, it’s a great idea for Sony, anyway. For Lord and Miller, I, as a viewer who enjoys good movies, wouldn’t mind seeing them take on a project where they weren’t just brought in to legitimize some heinous cash grab. They’ve proven themselves miracle workers, but hey, maybe try something that’s not such a miracle for a change? Even Jesus took time off from healing the sick and raising the dead to do the occasional all-you-can-eat fish sandwich feed with bottomless wine.