Leonardo DiCaprio Snubbed A Shirtless Justin Bieber At A Club, Proving Once Again That He’s The Greatest

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06.12.14 22 Comments

Aside from the regular additions to his list of Victoria’s Secret conquests, we don’t get many glimpses into Leonardo DiCaprio’s adult personal life. And he’d like to stay on that end of the celebrity transparency spectrum, thank you very much.

Earlier this month, news leaked that Leo had valiantly refused to enter a party where Keeping Up With the Kardashians was filming. Now, Star Magazine offers a hilarious report about the former “p*ssy posse” ringleader snubbing Justin Bieber at a Cannes nightclub:

“Justin was strutting his stuff all over the club, walking around shirtless and scoping out chicks,” a source tells Star. “But when he heard Leo was there, he had his bodyguard muscle a path to where Leo was sitting.”

Hoping to party with the Wolf of Wall Street star — and the bevy of girls in his VIP area — the Biebs sent his goon to ask permission. “Justin was nodding and smiling in Leo’s direction, but Leo just shook his head no and waved him off,” a witness tattles. “He thinks Justin’s a little twit. Leo doesn’t want or need photo ops with publicity-hungry, manufactured pop stars.”

He thinks Justin’s a little twit. Oh, it’s perfect.

As the estimable Brandon Wenerd points out, Star has a tendency to pin juicy quotes on “sources” that may or may not exist. But credible outlets have put both Bieber and Leo at the scene of the aforementioned crime against douche-manity: Esquire says they were at the same club in the South of France, while Lainey Gossip has dozens of photos to back that up (Bieber, of course, has his shirt off in a few shots).

So, call us idealists, but we’re not hesitating to upgrade this story from “Please let this be true” to “Yeah, this is probably true.”

(Star Magazine; H/T BroBible)

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