Let's All Listen to Tom 'Rock of Ages' Cruise Sing Bon Jovi and Journey

06.04.12 7 years ago 18 Comments

Songs from the Rock of Ages soundtrack have appeared online, giving us our first full-length listen to the fever dream that is Tom Cruise singing “Paradise City” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Russell Brand’s “We Built this City/We’re Not Gonna Take It” duet. If you can make it five seconds into that ill-begotten medley without laughing, you’re a stronger man than I — or you’re Paul Kantner and you just made a lot of money. Other highlights include a string-laden version of “Don’t Stop Believin'” and Cruise’s falsetto “the bitch is hungry” moan in “Rock You Like a Hurricane.” And yet, still no W.A.S.P.

What do you think, David Lee Roth?

Thought so.

More here. (Via)

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