Lindsay actually *is* going to be in that Liz Taylor movie or whatever!

The Lifetime Network released an official press statement today confirming that Lindsay Lohan will play Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick, based on Elizabeth Taylor’s storybook romance with Richard Burton, a real-life love story that continues to captivate tens of aging gay men to this day. Thus ends the longest period of interest in a Lifetime Original movie in the history of media. If the movie ends up actually getting finished (even-money at this point), one only hopes that it will live up to the standard set by Tori Spelling’s Death of a Cheerleader, or Shannon Elizabeth’s incendiary performance in You Belong to Me. Sample dialog: “I’m sure as hell not waiting around for some ghost to put me in the grave!”


Los Angeles, CA (April 23, 2012) – Lindsay Lohan is set to star as the legendary Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime Original Movie Liz & Dick, based on the true story of the screen icon’s historic romance with actor Richard Burton.  Principal photography on the movie will begin in early June in Los Angeles, it was announced today by Rob Sharenow, Executive Vice President, Programming, of Lifetime Networks.

For nearly a quarter of a century, Taylor and Burton were Hollywood royalty and their fiery romance — often called “the marriage of the century” — was the most notorious, publicized and celebrated love affair of its day.  Swarmed by paparazzi, Taylor and Burton’s love affair was played out entirely in front of the global press from the time they met on the set of the major motion picture Cleopatra, left their respective spouses, married and divorced, only to remarry and divorce once again.  Despite their roller coaster romance for the public eye to see, Taylor and Burton shared an undeniable love greater than most people could have ever dreamed.

Regarding the announcement, Lohan said, “I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor.  She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well.  I am very honored to have been asked to play this role.”

“We are thrilled Lindsay will portray beloved Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor,” added Sharenow.  “She is one of the rare actresses who possesses the talent, beauty and intrigue to capture the spirit of such a provocative icon.”

Liz & Dick will be produced by Larry A. Thompson Productions, Inc.  Larry A. Thompson (Amish Grace, Lucy & Desi) will serve as executive producer, with Christopher Monger (Temple Grandin) writing. [via Deadline]