Warner Bros Registers List of Possible Batman vs. Superman Titles

We’ve all been discussing Warner Bros’ upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie (Zack Snyder directing, Ben Affleck playing an aging Batman) for a long time now for a movie that still doesn’t have a title. “Superman vs. Batman” seems way too simple to make the final grade, and now, according to a site called Fusible, Warner has registered a number of new Batman/Superman-related domain names, which is often a good indication of where a studio’s head’s at regarding a title. So what are they?

Hope you like night/knight puns!

  • Man of Steel: Battle the Knight
  • Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness
  • Man of Steel: Black of Knight
  • Man of Steel: Darkness Falls
  • Man of Steel: Knight Falls
  • Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night
  • Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour
  • Man of Steel: The Darkness Within

What, no Man of Steel: Judgment Night? Man of Steel: M Knight Shyamalan? Man of Steel: A Knight to Remember? Man of Steel: It Happened One Knight? Man of Steel: Keira Dark Knightley? Man of Dark: Shadow Black Matte Finish Falling Into Nightness? THE DARK BLACK: THE BLACKEST BLACKNESS.

It should be noted that WB also owns SupermanvsBatman.com and BatmanvsSuperman.com, so those aren’t necessarily out of the running. Nonetheless, if we’re using the possible titles as a hint to the plot, it sounds like they’re planning a lighthearted musical. Yeesh, am I even going to be allowed to see this without eyeliner on?