LISTEN: Mel Gibson drops another single

Last week when TheWrap broke

Eszterhas told TheWrap on Wednesday that he released the recording because “Gibson called me a liar. And I also have some reason to believe he’s creating a PR blitz questioning my truthfulness.”

Well, you kind of have to do that when someone accuses you of calling everyone oven-dodger and saying John Lennon and Walter Cronkite are sucking each other off in hell. What’s he supposed to say? “Okay, you got me, Joe, I hate the Jews.”

It was recorded on an iPod on Dec. 7, 2011, by Eszterhas’ 15-year-old son Nick, who was with his parents, Joe and Naomi.

12-7-2011, as in, more than a year after he’d already been embarrassed by these kinds of recordings. You’d think he’d be a little more careful.

“The bottom line is it shows to me he badly needs help,” Eszterhas told TheWrap. “My interest isn’t to damage him with this tape [*cough* BULLSHIT! *cough, cough*] but to prevent damage being done to others, starting with Jews, including Oksana and now, I’m sure, me. I strongly believe that unless he seeks and receives some kind of psychiatric help, someone is going to get hurt.”

Eszterhas (as told to TheWrap) also never explained how the letter got out, even though it said in the original letter “I’ve sent this letter to no one else except Nick Guerra, your assistant, per his previous instructions that I send him whatever I send to you so he can make sure you’ve received it.”

Here’s the transcript of the audio:

Why don’t I have a first draft of “The “Maccabees”?
What the fu*k have you been doing?
I’ll type it!
— mumbling inaudible —
It’s her!
— mumbling inaudible —
I go to work, you’re getting paid, I’m not! Shit!
I am earning money for a filthy little cocksucke* who takes advantage of me!
Just like every motherfu*ker!
So hurry the fu*k up!
(Throwing things, knocking down the totem pole)
fu*k! God!
(Coming up from the billiard room and approaching the table and screaming at his guests)
Who wants to eat?! Who the fu*k wants to eat?! Go have something to eat!
fu*kin’ hate!
fu*king cunt cocksucke* whore!
(Very hoarse)
(Screaming as he runs toward the driveway, gets into his car and drives away)

I like to think the totem pole came from Gary Busey’s bankruptcy yard sale. “It matches my moccasins, butthorn!”

So yeah, Mel Gibson has another rant out, he probably needs professional help but he’s too rich to let anyone tell him what to do so we’re all going to pretend to care and make jokes about him instead. Same old story. But on the brightside, he didn’t call anyone “heeb” or “Jewboy” or “wetback” in this tapes, so in a way you could call this progress. Baby steps.

[thanks to WWTDD for the embed]

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