Maleficent Had Wings But Someone Stole Them In This New Teaser

03.17.14 5 years ago 15 Comments

Disney has released so many pictures and stills from Maleficent with so few hints at the actual plot that I’m starting to think it’s just two hours of Angelina Jolie posing seductively. Not that they need to give us much more, people reaaaally seem to love beautiful actresses acting imperious (see also: Targarian, Daenerys).

Anyway, today brings us a new, odd clip from the Robert Stromberg-directed feature, which opens May 30th in the US. The clip consists mainly of a flashback of Maleficent, waxing nostalgic about her wings while soaring music plays. “I had wings once. They were stolen from me,” she says.

I bet this will be read as a hella deep metaphor by the chicks-with-wings-tattooed-on-their-backs demographic.

Me, I’ll reserve judgment until I have some clue what this thing is even about. Angelina Jolie? More like Angle-ina Jolie with those cheekbones am I right.

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