Hoping For Another Trillion Bucks, Marvel Has Released ‘The Avengers’ Again

To date, Marvel’s The Avengers has grossed roughly $1.5 billion worldwide, and that’s before the DVD and Blu-Ray have even been released. Most of us can’t wait to drop $28 on a shiny gold case for a 3D disc that we’ll never use, but damn it, we need that special edition 3-disc set. Oh, and don’t forget the Marvel box set that comes with its very own Tesseract case and a bevy of special goodies that will make you forget that it still includes a sh*tty Hulk movie.

You’d think with all of that and the millions of dollars that will come with it, Marvel wouldn’t really care about a few more bucks. WRONG. Apparently we can all haul our asses back to the theater this weekend to re-live the big screen experience, because Marvel has re-released The Avengers, so says Thanos. Oh, and the Avengers Facebook page, too.

Don’t worry about trying to examine that Thanos pic to see if it reveals anything about the possibility of the Avengers sequels incorporating the Infinity Gauntlet, because I already did that. After 16 hours of examination – including infrared analysis and waterboarding random homeless people – I can confirm that there are no hidden eggs on the picture. And that just confirms my belief that Marvel will use the Infinity Gauntlet plot.

Meanwhile, adding to the hilarious gag reel that you’re never allowed to watch until you buy the DVD, the alternate beginning, and deleted scenes, I uncovered this incredible original battle scene that only Joss Whedon has seen.