Maryland Teacher Busted for Dogf**king (Morning Links)

Stephanie Mikles, a Maryland behavioral specialist, became the latest normal-seeming lady to get busted for dog sex. I love that this kind of thing is prevalent enough to have its own FilmDrunk tag.

A grand jury has indicted Mikles for “unnatural or perverted sexual practice,” reports WMAR-TV, the ABC affiliate in Baltimore. The indictment is short on details but it does allege that she had “sexual intercourse with a dog.” The shocking evidence against Mikles, 45, also includes still photos. [DailyCaller]

Does this really need to be a legal matter? When the dog effer is a woman, the dog sort of has to be a willing participant, doesn’t it? I mean, as long as the dog was more than two and a half years old. As far as poor dog owner behavior goes, I find this much less offensive than keeping a dog in a purse.

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