Matt Bomer Is Putting His Faith In Channing Tatum For ‘Magic Mike 2’

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02.12.14 4 Comments

As we already know, Channing Tatum and his feathered cap are hard at work at writing the screenplay for Magic Mike 2, as the titular dick-shaker has been staring at his bust of Matthew McConaughey for inspiration. Obviously, because of the fact that he just started writing the sequel to the insanely popular pseudo-story of Tatum’s pre-actor life, nobody knows anything about the story, and that includes the stars of Magic Mike. Hell, some of them don’t even know if they’re going to be in the sequel.

For example, Matt Bomer admitted to Vulture that he hasn’t even heard from C-Tates yet about Magic Mike 2, but he could also just be playing coy with all of the ladies out there. If that’s true, though, between that and being gay, he might be the meanest hunk on the face of this planet.

“I trust Channing and [co-writer] Reid [Carolin] implicitly, and I’m along for the ride however they’ll have me,” he said. “And there’s only one character who gets a bust in that movie, and that is Dallas! So they got it in the right place, they’re starting in the right place with this movie. I think everything’s pretty under wraps right now, so I’ll just wait to hear from them.”

In the meantime, he’s been “brainstorming” some looks for his character. “I’ve had a lot of time to ponder it. I can’t drop anything now. But I’ve been thinking about it, for sure. Maybe there will be a themed Ken Doll. Why not?” (Via Vulture)

Maybe he could play a guy who isn’t so ridiculously handsome so girls don’t tell all of us average dudes things like, “You’re like the opposite of Matt Bomer. You’re like Gilbert Gottfried cut Matt Bomer’s face off and tried to wear it over his head but he slipped and fell and hit his face directly on a pineapple, and you just got done eating a diaper, because your breath is horrible, too.” Don’t you guys all hate how girls say that to you? I knew I wasn’t alone.

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