Matt Damon Loves Him Some Teachers

Matt Damon’s mom is a school teacher, therefore Matt Damon loves, appreciates and respects school teachers. That’s why he flew from Vancouver – that’s in Canada – where he is currently filming Elysium, to Washington D.C., where the Million Teacher March took place this past weekend. And it seems that not many math teachers attended, because they were a few teachers away from a million, but that doesn’t matter to us. Not when Damon was kicking ass with his cool shaved head.

After Damon addressed the crowd about the importance of teachers and his mommy told everyone she loves him, the star of Dogma took a moment to chat with a local news reporter, and he got a bit testy about his stance on kids who didn’t bring enough gum for the rest of the class. In all, it was a pretty awesome exchange.

(Via Buzzfeed)