Is Matthew McConaughey A Hero To Christians For Thanking God? Not So Fast, Says Christian Blog Lady.

According to the Daily Caller, God has only been thanked 14 times in 100 Oscar acceptance speeches over the last 30 years. In fact, Yahweh ranks behind the Academy, winners’ spouses, mothers, father and children, and their management. In the last 10 years, He’s even behind Meryl Streep, specifically. Which makes it kind of a big deal that Matthew McConaughey thanked the big guy when he accepted his award for Best Actor Sunday night (Darlene Love from 20 Feet From Stardom did too, but she sang it so maybe people didn’t notice).

The fact that someone in Hollywood actually thanked God delighted many who delight in such things, aided no doubt by the fact that McConaughey won for playing a Texan and is himself from Texas, the big swinging truck nutz of the real Murka. So, is he a Christian role model now?

Not so, says Texas mom blogger Melissa Edgington. You can’t forget that the film itself is full of filth flarn filth and fornification:

But, there’s one tiny issue with setting Matthew McConaughey up as our next great Christian idol. And, the problem is the movie he won the Oscar for. And pretty much every other movie he’s ever made.  (Anyone remember a little film called Magic Mike?) According to, Dallas Buyer’s Club opens with McConaughey’s character having sex with two girls at the same time in a rodeo stall.  That’s only the beginning of the explicit sexual content in the movie.  In addition to the nudity, masturbation, and pornography, the film contains over 100 f-words and God’s name is used as a curse word over 20 times.

Matthew McConaughey made this movie, which he was rewarded by Hollywood for making, which goes out into our society and poisons the hearts and minds of our men, women, and young people.  And then he gets up to accept his award for making filth that turns hearts away from God, and he thanks God for the opportunity, and Christians applaud him as if he has done something incredible.

We have got to get over our obsession with celebrity and start making connections between what people say and what they actually do. [YourMomHasABlog]

I love that she invokes Magic Mike parenthetically as if just speaking the name of the beast is enough to make polite Christians cross themselves. So much worse than Matthew McConaughey fornicating and associating with homosexuals (though she may not know that, it doesn’t sound like she’s actually seen it). C-Tates the pied piper, leading impressionable young Christians straight into the maw of Satan with the siren song of his magical skin flute.