Max Landis’s found-footage teen superhero movie

Senior Editor
10.20.11 13 Comments

Found-footage and superheroes are as popular in Hollywood as sliced bread and vajazzling, so it was probably inevitable that someone would think to combine them. That someone, or someones, appear to be Josh Trank and Max Landis, (son of director John Landis), director and writer (respectively) of the faux-documentary superhero movie Chronicle, which just released a trailer. It’s set to open in February, and it stars Michael B. Jordan (Wallace from The Wire) and a couple of MTV-looking white dudes, as a group of friends who gain superpowers after being exposed to a mysterious substance. Which is exactly what discovering meth feels like, I imagine.

Their powers seem to involve a lot of mind bullets (that’s telekinesis, Kyle), which seems useful. I don’t know, what do you think? On one hand, this thing where kids look at their webcams record themselves talking into their computers like it’s a person (about, say, how obnoxious Asian people are in the library) creeps me out. I’m not sure I could handle a whole movie in that style (next step: Superman sexting Wonder Woman pictures of his dong). On the other, it looks like they use their superpowers mostly for screwing with people and taking that girl’s top off, which is nice.


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