Meet The Indian Restaurant Owners Who’ve Been Stuck With An ‘Entourage’ Poster For Years

This Entourage poster of Vinny Chase and the fellas chillin’ out over some brewskies would probably look great in my big bro Smelly’s man cave behind the wet bar next to me and Black Steve’s paddles, but you probably wouldn’t expect to find it above the host stand at an Indian restaurant otherwise decorated in Indian murals. But that’s exactly where’s Allison Pohle found it, at India Castle in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The movie opened this week (my review), but the poster has apparently been there for quite a bit longer.

When questioned by a reporter about the poster’s origins, [restaurant owner Rabhir] Singh, who was standing behind the bar, denied having a poster in the restaurant. He said he had no idea what Entourage> was.
He then walked around to the front of the restaurant to take a look, and put his hands on his hips.

“Oh this?” he said. “This has been here forever.”

You know that restaurant is probably really good. A place so focused on the food that the owner has been walking past an Entourage poster every day for years and still has no idea what Entourage is is exactly the kind of place I want to eat.

Apparently a representative from TV 38 offered Singh a deal – someone from the local TV station would change the poster every two weeks and pay Singh for the privilege. But after they installed the Entourage poster, the man never returned.

It’s been locked in the frame ever since. Singh doesn’t have the key.

“The box used to light up and it doesn’t anymore, but I can’t get it out,” he said. “I guess it’s stuck.” []

We were trying to date the poster, which looks like it was put up to promote Entourage playing in syndication in the Boston area. That appears to have happened in 2010. That means those poor bastards have been stuck looking at Kevin Dillon’s face and Adrian Grenier’s eyebrows for FIVE YEARS. That has to make the constant waft of curry farts seem like lavender and honeysuckle by comparison. Even so, as Burnsy points out, this still isn’t the worst thing Mark Wahlberg has done to foreigners in Boston.