Method Man Loves ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ And Hates Shaky Cam

Method Man recently sat down with RottenTomatoes to talk about his favorite movies, and I would say some of his choices are surprising, but that’s not quite true. I think a better way to put it is that he sounds just as much like the Method Man who appeared in Garden State as the Method Man from Wu-Tang. The man contains multitudes.

His top five:

 – Frailty (Bill Paxton’s directorial debut!)
The Station Agent
Napoleon Dynamite
Snow On Tha Bluff
The Raid/Dredd

Choosing The Station Agent makes a little more sense when you realize it’s a Tom McCarthy movie, and Tom McCarthy directs Method Man in The Cobbler. But it’s worth pausing here to hear his explanation of Napoleon Dynamite:

Now, I hang around nothing but real, you know, killers, thugs, right? I’m like, “Yo, y’all gotta check this movie out.” And I’ve thrown on movies in the past, because comedy is comedy to me. I don’t care if it’s white, black, whatever, but they usually shoot down a lot of the white comedies because they don’t get that white innuendo, whatever. I threw on this Napoleon Dynamite, they looked like they were gonna shoot me down again. I mean, they still use some of the quotes from the movie to this day. From there, it was cool for me to play Walk Hard and Anchorman and stuff like that, you know? Now it’s cool.

I can’t get the image of a thug gangster saying “I caught you a delicious bass” in Napoleon voice while pulling out a sideways glock.

Meanwhile, he gets a hearty “hear hear” for his explanation of The Raid:

We need to demand quality s–t.

I’m not talking about story. I’m talking about that f—in’ shaky cam. Why do they do the shaky cam? Get the f—in’ shaky cam the f— outta here unless you know how to use it correctly, okay? When they did it in the Bourne films, they did it correctly. These dudes are losing their minds. I asked. I said, “Why do you guys have the camera so close when the guys are fighting?” “We want the people to experience what it’s like being in the fight.” No! When you’re watching a fight out on the street between two guys, do you want to be up close in the fight? No. You want to stand back and see the whole scenery. You want to actually see the fight. People are jockeying for position in the circle around these dudes so they can get a better look at the fight. They’re not in the middle of it! All you’re gonna see is a fist or an elbow.

You guys, I think Method Man is my new favorite film critic.