Mila Kunis chews out a reporter in fluent Russian (She's a spy!)

Remember when Bradley Cooper melted off all the girls panties by conducting an interview in French? Here’s Mila Kunis with the Russian equivalent to give boners to all the dudes.

At a press conference for Friends with Benefits in Moscow, a reporter asked Justin Timberlake why he’s making movies and not music. When Timberlake didn’t respond right away because of a delay in translation, Mila Kunis, whose family moved to Los Angeles from the Ukraine when she was seven (partly because she’s Jewish, and the former Soviet Union isn’t the least anti-Semitic place in the world), jumped in and got all confrontational with the reporter (which I believe is the Russian language’s primary function).

“Why movies? Why not?” Kunis, who moved to California from Ukraine at age 7, testily replied. “What kind of question is that? Why are you here?” [DailyWhat]

It seems like she said more than that, but unfortunately I’m a dumb singuilingular American and I can’t translate it. Using her secret Russian skills for of all things to defend Justin Timberlake is kind of like Superman using his heat vision to warm up a hot pocket in the break room at the Daily Planet. I have to say, this seems a little less sexy than the Bradley Cooper version. Mainly because now I have to imagine life with Mila to involve (in addition the mind-blowing sex), her haggling with the clerk at the convenient store, her feeling disrespected by a cab driver, her demanding an apology from a rude bouncer at a club… and her dressing them down, all while you hold her purse and have that stupid, sheepish look of not-quite-understanding on your face like Timberlake in the video. But, you know… that could just be the casual racism talking.