Miley’s ‘So Undercover’ Has So-So Cast

Miley Cyrus is set to star in So Undercover [originally titled “I’m Like, Sooo Undercover“], a harrowing tale of an 18-year old girl who looks like she’s 15, playing a private investigator who infiltrates a college sorority in order to solve the case of the experimental friendship. And while I may have made that last part up, it would be the only saving grace of an otherwise unoriginal and annoying idea.

But Miley’s sleuth masterpiece has a cast now, as she’ll be joined by Mike O’Malley of Glee and that one show from CBS with that other forgettable comedian, and Jeremy Piven. O’Malley will play Miley’s father (Miley O’Malley… LO’L!) while Piven will play a guy who desperately needs to sit down with John Cusack and figure out what’s going on before it’s too late.

Move some hair from my butt to the front of my head, Variety

Film’s thesping ensemble already includes Kelly Osborne, Josh Bowman and Matthew Settle, among others. Tom Vaughan (“What Happens in Vegas”) helms a screenplay by Allan Loeb (“Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps”) and Steven Pearl (“The Switch”).

Next up for Piven are indie drama “I Melt With You,” “Spy Kids 4” and “Drift.”

Is Matthew Settle a name or a sentence? *sticks pipe between butt cheeks, holds magnifying glass over crotch* Yup, that’s a burn, my dear Watson.

Meanwhile, I made a bet with myself that I Melt With You would have a plot that centered around nostalgic aging hipsters and their love for obscure 80s music. It’s actually a thriller, so I lost my bet, but the good news is that I get to figure out how to blow myself.

And just because…