Mitt Romney saw Twilight with his wife

Mitt Romney’s 51 – 48 loss in last week’s election could have been even worse if the American people had known that the guy constantly chiding Obama for looking weak was the same guy letting his wife drag him to a screening of Twilight over the weekend, where these blurry pictures were taken. Politics aside, what a pussy-whipped eunuch.

Last night, Mitt and Ann Romney were spotted at a movie theater in Del Mar, California— near their La Jolla beach home we’re guessing. They managed to go out without a bodyguard or anything, though they weren’t able to escape the watchful eye of a TMZ photog.

I’m guessing the Del Mar Highlands theater, I used to work at the Starbucks right next door. Remind me to tell you about it some time, it’s a really boring story.

The Romneys went out for pizza, and everyone said Romney was totally cool and posed for pictures with people. Romney has copped to loving the Twilight series before. He picked up the books on a recommendation from his granddaughter, and he told the TODAY show: “I thought it was fun.”

There’s a Mormon connection there, too. The author of the book series Stephenie Meyer is a member, and some have noted that LDS imagery and influence runs deep in the series. (The series’ heroine Bella avoids coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco.) [not to mention premarital sex and ethnic temptation.] [LAist]

Nothing against Mormons or Republicans, but if you’re a 65-year-old gazillionaire whose idea of a good time is going to see Twilight on opening weekend with your wife, you should probably just kill yourself, because you’re already dead. “Ooh, skinless grilled chicken breast again? Thank you, wife, this looks very satisfactory.”

You just know he goes home and DVRs Two and a Half Men and laughs his ass off. The reason Caroline in the City lasted four seasons? You guessed it, Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney saw Wild Hogs in the theater six times, true story. Mitt Romney orders undressed green salad with extra frisee.