More Angelina spaz running? Sony hires writers for Salt 2.

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06.07.11 29 Comments

Think of the blandest, most generic movie idea you can imagine, and then immediately forget it because it’s so bland and generic, and then have it re-written by a team of lawyers, and you basically have Salt.  This was a movie so bland and generic they wrote it for Tom Cruise.  Then when he dropped out, they made it anyway with Angelina Jolie.  Who apparently saw Tom’s prep work and assumed part of the character was running like a spaz.  Remember that movie?  Of course you don’t.  Well now Sony has decided it needs a sequel.  Get ready for Salt 2: The Spazzening.

Kurt Wimmer has begun writing it for Angelina Jolie to reprise her role as Evelyn Salt, the CIA agent who spent the first movie running for her life after being outed as a Russian spy. The studio smartly left open a window for a possible sequel at the climax of the original, which was directed by Phillip Noyce.
Jolie wants to do to do the Salt sequel if it comes together right. I’m told that Wimmer has officially signed on and is working away. The original grossed around $300 million worldwide for Sony Pictures. [Deadline]

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to see this as a movie, but as something to help people fall asleep on planes it could make a mint.

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