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Someone Made A ‘Mars Attacks’ okcupid Dating Profile Because Why Not?
|Film Drunk|

It’s a cliptastic episode: Juggalos, Laremy getting ambushed, and the ‘Cold Pop’ Lady. |Frotcast|

SEE! Dogs are much better than cats. Would a cat ever do this? |Final Ellipsis|

See FilmDrunk and Friends this Thursday at Cobb’s, and get ready for Chicago. |Events|

The 2012 Intermission: 75 Great Songs We’ve Enjoyed So Far |Smoking Section|

Important Internet Experiment: What Does A Porn Star Reading A Book
While Using A Vibrator Look Like? |UPROXX|

That Time Norm MacDonald Went On Conan And Ruined Courtney
Thorne-Smith’s Day |Warming Glow|

Videos Of Troops Coming Home To Surprise Their Families At Ballparks
Never Get Old |With Leather|

Six Years Later, Something Good Comes Out of “X-Men: The Last Stand” |Gamma Squad|

A GIF Tribute To Jiggling |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Olivia Wilde’s In A Bikini |The Superficial|

4 Reasons We Care So Much About College Sex |Buzzfeed|

And thus the clouds parted, delivering unto us the Baked Potato Taco |Daily What|

Top 10 Ass-Kicking Adult Swim Babes |Adult Swim|

A Somewhat Bearable Star Wars ‘Call Me Baby’ Parody |Videogum|

The Ultimate Bikini Fail Compilation |HuffPost Comedy|

6 Memorable Letters From Neil Armstrong |Mental Floss|

How to Become a Do-it-Yourself Vigilante (in Seven Easy Steps!) |Unreality|

5 Animated Action Movie Worth Watching |Screen Junkies|

Behind the scenes Full Metal Jacket? There’s an app for that |Fark|

Beware of Dog |Work LOLs|

Gangnam Style Meets Metal |High Definite|

10 People You May Not Have Realized Cut Their Teeth as “Saturday Night
Live” Writers |Pajiba|

X-Factor Contestant Sings Tremendous Song About Drinking Too Much, ‘Beer
Fear’ |BroBible|

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