Beware of These Mangy Mutts & Your Morning Links

09.25.12 7 years ago

[via It Makes No Sense]

Adult Film Scripts > Regular Film Scripts |Film Drunk|

For The Love Of God, Please Be Good – Prince Amukamara Live Q&A Today @ 11 EST |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

The 10 Best Apple Maps Image Parodies So Far |UPROXX|

The Cast Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cleans Up Well For the Emmys |Warming Glow|

That’s definitely the face of bunny poop eater. [via Dogshaming]

The With Leather Hot Twitter List Buzz Words Top 25: People We’d Go To Burning Man With |With Leather|

So You Need To Go See ‘Dredd’ ASAP |Gamma Squad|

Roy Jones & Kimbo Slice May Fight. Sounds Like A Bad Idea. |Smoking Section|

At this point can we even call FLBP a “problem”? |theChive|

What Lisa Lampanelli Looks Like After Her Gastric Sugery |Buzzfeed|

Did Blowing Into Nintendo Cartridges Actually Help? |Mental Floss|

“I no longer believe that 9/11 was an inside job,” says Matt Bellamy of Muse, who apparently was f*cking insane this whole time |Fark|

Meet the most hated woman in Baltimore |Daily What|

This Happened To Sofia Vergara’s Dress At The Emmys |IDLYITW|

Mythbusters: Does God Exist? |College Humor|

The 7 Best Movie Face-Offs |Screen Junkies|

The Seven Best Zombie Movies That Don’t Feature Zombies |Unreality|

Somebody’s grandpa rapping about banging chicks. |Holy Taco|

Ranking My Anticipation Level for 20 of This Week’s TV Season and Series
Premieres |Pajiba|

How about a rapping dentist? |Videogum|

Obama Riding A Lion |High Definite|

Billie Joe Armstrong Checks Into Rehab After Flipping Out About Not Being Justin Bieber |The Superficical|

The ‘Gangnam Style’ x ‘Space Jam’ Mash-Up the World’s Been Waiting For |Brobible|

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