The ButtChugging Press Conference & Your Morning Links

[via Outkick the Coverage]

Vampires in pea coats! Twilight’s hilarious final poster |Film Drunk|

‘Fake Louie Episodes’ Twitter Account Brilliantly Balances Optimism And Self-Hate |Warming Glow|

Bar Refaeli Needs Your Help In Making A Sex Tape |UPROXX|

The old peanut butter trick, just like Mr. Ed. [via Fck Yeah Dementia]

MLB Sign Of The Year: I Skipped Chemo To See Chipper |With Leather|

So This Is Happening: James Cameron And The Google Founders Are Looking For Asteroid Mining Interns |Gamma Squad|

10 Natural Beauties We Wouldn’t Mind Waking Up To |Smoking Section|

Tom Brady’s Swearing Actually The Result Of Teammate Trolling |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Celebs all age just a little bit differently |theChive|

1 GIF That Sums Up Every Mumford & Sons Song |Buzzfeed|

22 Fantastic Vintage Photos of People Taking Naps |Mental Floss|

10 Hot Actresses Who Should Stop Doing Horror Movies |Complex|

Paris Hilton Made Out With A Chick So Her Male Model Boyfriend Punched A Dude And
Got Arrested |The Superficial|

Liam Neeson raises $20k for breast cancer research by stripping down to
a pink Speedo and going in a dunk tank |Fark|

Bieber Pukes Rainbows |Holy Taco|

10 Beefs That 50 Cent Has Squashed Over The Years |Vibe|

Robert Pattinson Was Named The Sexiest Man Alive |IDLYITW|

Things That Should Be Like They Are on TV But Aren’t |College Humor|

Barack Obama Loses Powerful Scott Stapp Endorsement |Videogum|

‘South Park’ Takes On Honey Boo Boo |HuffPost Comedy|

Chocolate Chip S’mores Cookies Are Life-Changing |Daily What|

If Disney Villains Had Won |Unreality|

8 Of the Most Epic Movie Dogfights of All Time |Screen Junkies|

The 15 Best Movies Based On Banned Books |Pajiba|

World Sexiest Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Is Still Bouncing Around |Brobible|

A Cityscape of Bike Parts |High Definite|

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