Morning Links: Shape Shifter, Litter Box Sh**ter

04.03.13 5 years ago

Cat hijinks all the time |Video Gum|

Morning Links

15 Plots We Don’t Want To See In The Sixth Season Of ‘Mad Men’ |Warming Glow|

Our Pal Hanksy Snuck Some Of His Own Custom Easter Eggs Into The White House Easter Egg Hunt |

Finding Nemo sequel to be called Finding Dory, set for November 2015 |Film Drunk|

Urgent Breaking News: There Were Surfing Dogs In Florida |With Leather|

Hey Guys, The ‘Axe Cop’ Show Is Going To Be Pretty Rad |Gamma Squad|

10 Too $hort Songs Everyone Should Know |Smoking Section|

Is That Geno Smith Scouting Report REALLY Racist? |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Getting extremely drunk with indie film’s leading visionary-recluse-lunatic |Grantland|

6 Famous Geniuses You Won’t Believe Were Perverts |Cracked|

From Deadwood to Justified: Acknowledging Jim Beaver’s awesomeness |AV Club|

8 Protest Signs for Everyday Problems |College Humor|

25 Reasons Why Bruce Campbell Is Still The King, Baby |Pajiba|

19 Things You Learn by Following Eva Mendes Around |Vulture|

What Mad Men Owes to Lost |Mental Floss|

18 Things That Are Definitely Lying To You |HuffPost Comedy|

Game of Thrones Cast Reimagined as Arrested Development |Unreality|

Holy Sh*t: Bubba Watson Has a Hovercraft Golf Cart, You Guys |Brobible|

Honest Movie Trailers: Jurrasic Park 3D |The Superficial|

Shia LaBeof Alec Baldwin BEEF |High Definite|

Tim Burton Casts Actors That Aren’t Johnny Depp |Screen Junkies|

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