Morning Links: Waffle Riot Edition

It’s so nice to see people of all races and creeds coming together to kick the crap out of each other for two-dollar waffle makers at WalMart. I lost a great uncle in the Waffle Riots of aught six. |buzzfeed|

Women Be Tramplin’: The Most Insane Black Friday Moments You Will Ever See |UPROXX|

RIP, PLESSY PERKINS. Frotcast 75: Koi Calls, Thanksgiving Movie Guide, Seagal Character or Porn Star |Film Drunk|

Ten Skits That Prove ‘The Muppet Show’ Was For Adults More Than Kids |Warming Glow|

Gifts Guys Won’t Be Able to Get Away With Anymore by Next Black Friday (Thanks to Technology) |Gamma Squad|

Rebecca Grant Vs. Erin Andrews: The Worst And Sexiest Feud Of All Time |With Leather|

Lab-raised beagles see sunlight for the first time. |TheDailyWhat|

“Streets Of Music” – Review Of 9th Wonder’s The Wonder Years |Smoking Section|

Adult Swim’s Internet Treasures – Turkey Day Edition |Adult Swim|

Kardashian Kristmas Special is Kancelled, thank Khrist. |TheSuperficial|

This lady is terrified of cats. I can’t quit you, silly phobias. |Videogum|

Lariya Daniels sucks at swimsuits. |GorillaMask|

7 film and TV characters getting pepper sprayed. |ScreenJunkies|

5 ways to celebrate cyber Monday. |HolyTaco|

A Jason Segel career retrospective, with Jason Segel. |Nerve|

Ghostbusters set to Inception music. |DAPS|

The Jon Hamm Problem: You Can’t Be Handsome And Funny. Pick One. |Pajiba|

Top 10 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Eve Is the Best Bar Night of the Year |BroBible|

Picture via AnimalsWithCasts

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