Morning Links with Guido Dogs

10.11.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

Okay, to be fair, it’s hard to tell for sure that they’re guido dogs, it’d be much easier if it were night time. But they’re all stocky with chains around their necks and sunglasses and chest patches. I mean, it’s no Bears Speaking Italian, but it seems reasonably accurate. |via CoolDogs|

5 Online College Courses for Comic Book Fans |Gamma Squad|

Source: Alison Brie Still Adorable |Warming Glow|

The Guy-Throwing-A-Hot-Dog-At-Tiger-Woods Video |With Leather|

Woman sues Drive for not being enough like Fast and Furious |Film Drunk|

Christina Aguilera And Axl Rose Are On The Same Diet, Apparently |UPROXX|

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at Occupied Wall Street |Buzzfeed|

Who Killed the Graphic Designer? Revisiting a Strange Trend in the Movie Posters of 1985 |Pajiba|

Lindsay Lohan skipped out on $33K worth of limo rides. Just do porn already, this is getting ridiculous. |TheSuperficial|

Farmville is going to be a movie. Sure, sure, just like Candyland and Ouija Board and View Master and Bazooka Joe and… |Videogum|

10 true stories behind bad album covers. |MentalFloss|

Some chick in Brooklyn (where else) will give birth to a baby as performance art. That baby? You guessed it, James Franco. |TheDailyWhat|

Other movies you could sue over that would be better than that lady suing Drive. |NextMovie|

Wanna see some gifs of guys getting knocked out? ‘Course ya do. |CagePotato|

In honor of Columbus Day, seven great movie explorers. |ScreenJunkies|

The best of “Scumbag Columbus.” |HolyTaco|

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