Morning Links with me wearing plaid

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02.25.11 29 Comments

Here’s my latest clip for The Grid, talking Birdemic.  I feel like I came off less awkward this time, so I compensated with more plaid.


Who fought the law and who won. |

The evolution of Ice Cube, in pictures. |Filmdrunk|

10 Great Shows That Died After One Season. |Uproxx|

20 More Thom Yorke Dancing Memes. |GammaSquad|

Motion Picture Music: 50 Great Soundtrack Raps. |SmokingSection|

Video Gamer Applied For Coaching Gig |WithLeather|

PICTURED: Hugleikur Dagsson is an Icelandic cartoonist, and he’s pretty amazing.

30 Examples Of Internet Memes At The Wisconsin Capitol. |Buzzfeed|

Disney’s Rejection To Tim Burton, Circa 1976 |Moviefone|

A totally-not-coked-up Charlie Sheen writes a letter about his “fire-breathing fists” helping him walk “up the steps of justice.”  We did a whole Frotcast about this, so you might as well get caught up now. |WWTDD|

Kanye West On Abortion. |TheSuperficial|

Old man fight spawns light-sabre duel video.  God bless the internet. |GorillaMask|

Ice cream made from human breast milk. |TheDailyWhat|

Basketball player who got knocked over by coach rejects his apology on Good Morning America. |BostonBarstoolSports|

Haha, she said “pussy furry.” |HolyTaco|

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