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01.31.12 9 Comments

Here’s a dog that gives receipts. I would buy what they were selling, even if I had no use for it. Who am I kidding, will you marry me, receipt dog? |via Reddit|

10 enthusiastic quotes from the one positive review of Katherine Heigl’s new movie |Film Drunk|

UPCOMING SHOW! Doing the comedy house in Davis THIS FRIDAY. Quite the flyer. |F*ckinFunny|

5 Steps To Making the Worst Game Boss Possible |Gamma Squad|

The Season 2 ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer Will Make Your Dinklage Hard |Warming Glow|

Pitchfork Takes A Dump On Lana Del Rey’s New Album. (Shocking).|UPROXX|

Believe It Or Not, The Pro Bowl Wasn’t Terrible: The Game In Pictures |With Leather|

Nas Joins ESPN’s Winter X Games |Smoking Section|

Please Do Not Follow These 15 Disturbing Tips |Buzzfeed|

8 Lesser-Known Groundhogs |HuffPost Comedy|

Best New Netflix Instant Movies for February 2012 |The FW|

Kim Kardashian banged Little Bow Wow. |TheSuperficial|

39 fan-made posters of The Shining. |Buzzfeed|

Did you watch Luck on HBO? I did, and I found the dialog nearly nonsensical at times, but maybe I should’ve just gotten less high first. |Videogum|

Here’s Nic Cage reading LMFAO lyrics. You can stop emailing me this now. |GorillaMask|

In response to a bill that would require women having abortions to get ultrasounds, state senator adds amendment requiring men get rectal exams for boner pills. |TheDailyWhat|

Here’s Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl Prediction |Brobible|

9 memorable movie parody commercials. |ScreenJunkies|

A review of Taco Bell’s breakfast menu (from four years ago). |HolyTaco|

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