Morning Links, with Sad Llama Dog

Still have to work today? You probably feel like Sad Llama Dog here, missing out on something. |Chive|

7 Attractive People Landed Pilots This Week, Let’s Rank Them by Aesthetic Value|Warming Glow|

7 WTF Endorsement Deals Featuring Rappers |Smoking Section|

Meme Watch: ‘What People Think I Do Versus What I Really Do’ Reminds Us That All Jobs Kinda Suck |UPROXX|

Frotcast 87: Porn legend Seymore Butts tells us his most disgusting porn stories. |Film Drunk|

Chris Brown Vs. Seagulls|Buzzfeed|

Bill Oakley Tweets Top 10 ‘Simpsons’ Episode Pitches That Never Made It To Air For 500th Episode |HuffPost Comedy|

Rihanna: “F*ck a blog, dawg, cus one day we gon’ meet.” |TheSuperficial|

TMZ asks the question of our time. Emma Stone or Rooney Mara who would you rather?|FARK|

Double trampoline accident with a twist! |Videogum|

Mar Hummer has a weird name, wears bikinis. |GorillaMask|

MMA fighter gets half his ear torn off by elbow, referee calmly picks it up and allows fight to continue. |CagePotato|

Russian man tattoos his cat with your girlfriend’s tramp stamp. |DAPS|

An open letter to Chris Brown on the subject of shutting up. |HolyTaco|

Pic via Julia Segel.

In honor of the underwear bomber: 8 inept terrorists. |ScreenJunkies|

Hanksy draws Baby Goose. |TheDailyWhat|

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