Morning Links with Yoga Jesus

KNEEL BEFORE YOGA JESUS. |via HolyTaco — with other extreme yoga poses|

Morning Links
Check out me and Pauly on St. Paddy’s at the Hollywood Improv with Maria Bamford! Now with ticket information! If you enter “POWER,” tickets are just $5 with NO DRINK MINIMUM. Not that that’s probably going to be a problem with you guys. |LaughStub|

The Vanity Fair Oscar Party Photo Booth, Now With Twice The Girl-On-Girl Action |UPROXX|

The First Ten Minutes Of John Carter Are Kind Of Impressive |Gamma Squad|

Have we discovered the next James Nguyen/Tommy Wiseau? |Film Drunk|

Tim Duncan Benjamin Buttons Chris Andersen |With Leather|

‘Community’ News’: Exclusive Photos From The NYC Viewing Party And More |Warming Glow|

Ever wondered what a human-sized bird’s nest would look like? |TheDailyWhat|

25 People Who Think President Obama Killed Andrew Breitbart |Buzzfeed|

Kirk Cameron thinks homosexuality wrong. In other news, Pope Catholic. |TheSuperficial|

A “that’s what she said” supercut of local news innuendo. I lost it at “flakes on the asshole.” |HuffPost Comedy|

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About Total Recall That Might Open Your Mind | The 2011 Fun Oscars |Pajiba|

Five Brilliant Graphic Novels that Just Happen to Star Talking Animals |Unreality|

World’s largest slingshot video is probably not actually the world’s largest, but it’s still kinda big. |Videogum|

AC/DC: The Tesla-Edison Feud |MentalFloss|

De has a short name, rocks a sweet hair bra. |GorillaMask|

Scary Movie Scene Supercut |ScreenJunkies|

Don’t forget to check out Vince’s other shows, like Thursday March 15th at the Pasadena Ice House. |Events|

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