Move Over Stephen Dorff, Courtney Love Is The Face Of eCigs Now

Last we checked in on the eCig community, actor and Skeet Ulrich impersonator Stephen Dorff was offering his best popped coat collar chin scratching for the people at blu. Dorff eloquently called for the liberation of smokers everywhere, as if he is the Martin Luther King, Jr. of nicotine addiction. Or maybe he was saying that smokers are oppressed by all of the laws that are making everything from restaurants to college campuses go smoke-free. To be honest, I don’t know what he said, because I can’t hear him over my laughter.

Well Dorff isn’t alone in his fight anymore, as Courtney Love is the new face of NJOY eCigs. Because if you want people to buy your product, nothing works better than having Courtney Love smoking and swearing. That’s just advertising science.

I don’t know what I love most about this commercial, between the fancy old lady who can hardly deliver one line and the uptight blonde who is so angry about Love smoking that she can only point in disgust. Maybe it’s the bitchin’ Hole song that plays us out as Love is like, “GRRRRRRR I SMOKE WHERE I WANT, BITCHES!” You know, until the eCig explodes in her face.