Movie characters hanging up without saying bye, buried penis, morning links

04.12.11 8 years ago

Here’s a mashup of movie characters hanging up without saying goodbye.  It just goes to show, actors are rude pigs with no manners. |ViralViralVideos|


Why Does Russia Want to Shut Down GMail? |Uproxx|

A Guide to Recognizing Your Mascots – South Atlantic League. |WithLeather|

Buried Penis: file under things you should be thankful you don’t have, just behind Chet Haze as a son. |WarmingGlow|

Christmas Ape’s latest Fun with Peter King, the Pete Hammond of sports writing. |KissingSuzyKolber|

ElfQuest Gets Four Minutes Of Hot Elf Adaptation |GammaSquad|

Five awesome songs for spring. |WarmingGlow|

Watch a plane clip another plane during takeoff at JFK. But not if you’re at the airport. |TheDailyWhat|

Baby shoots dad in the stomach with a gun.  See?  This is why I hate babies. |Buzzfeed|

Jessica Canizales’ shirt does a terrible job covering her boobs. |GorillaMask|

Friend of FilmDrunk Jonathan D. Brown goes on a terrible date with Whitney Port. |FunnyorDie|

Ashley Tisdale poses nude to prove she’s no longer a little girl. Which still begs the question: Yeah, but who are you? |TheSuperficial|

How much of following a celebrity and taking pictures of his ass is considered stalking? |NYCBarstool|

Canadians change election day so they can watch hockey. |BostonBarstool|

PICTURED: Yes, ChickswithSteveBuscemEyes is awesome, now stop sending it to me.

Man celebrates 64th birthday by showing his junk to a crowded school bus. My kinda guy. |HolyTaco|

The 35 hottest Guess girls of all time. |BroBible|

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