Movie Titles in Movies: The Supercut

After the jump is a supercut of people saying the title OF the movie IN the movie. THIS. IS. INCEPTION. (*Leo kicks Ellen Page down mind hole*)  I also think it’d be fun to make one of these for bands who constantly say the name of their band in their songs.  Fred Durst can shout “Limp Bizkit” in his tough-guy voice all he wants, all it’s going to do is be a constant reminder of how lame a person would have to be to name his band “Limp Bizkit.”

“Dude, let’s name our band after that game where you have to eat a semen-soaked cookie!”

“I dunno, bro. It’s good, but it seems a little… soft.  …Wait, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“We misspell it?”

(Together) “WITH EXTRA Z’S!”

(*freeze frame on jumping high five*)

Anyway, all this video does is make me wish Blood Diamond had been called “Bling Bang.”

[Thanks to GorillaMask for the tip]