A New Piece By A PBS Documentarian Makes The Argument That Woody Allen Is Not A Child Molester

While Woody Allen was receiving the Cecil B. Demille Award at the Golden Globes (not that he showed up to collect it, he didn’t), both Mia Farrow and her son Ronan each tweeted separate disses about it, shrewdly drawing the public’s attention to some of the grosser molestation allegations against Woody Allen, the details of which most people had forgotten.

Of course, there’s a reason Woody Allen was never prosecuted in the first place – if there weren’t some serious flaws with the evidence against him, he surely would’ve been. And if the allegations against Woody Allen are worth remembering, so too is his defense. Robert B. Weide, who directed a PBS documentary about Woody Allen (and who also executive produced Curb Your Enthusiasm), wrote a piece for The Daily Beast yesterday, laying out the reasons why he’s not convinced of the allegations against Allen. He also corrects some of the most commonly miss-cited facts about Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, and Soon-Yi.

Weide even wrote out his fact check in an internet-friendly numbered list. Smart man.

#1: Soon-Yi was Woody’s daughter. False.

#2:  Soon-Yi was Woody’s step-daughter. False.

#3:  Soon-Yi was Woody and Mia’s adopted daughter. False. Soon-Yi was the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and André Previn. Her full name was Soon-Yi Farrow Previn.

#4:  Woody and Mia were married. False.

#5:  Woody and Mia lived together. False. Woody lived in his apartment on Fifth Ave. Mia and her kids lived on Central Park West. In fact, Woody never once stayed over night at Mia’s apartment in 12 years.