New Supercut: “NOOOOOO!” (Morning Links)

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09.14.11 3 Comments

A more thorough version of this could’ve gone on for hours. |via Screened|

Wild Card, Kitten Mittens, Green Man, Milk Steak, And F*ck Yeah Tumblrs: An Interview With Charlie Day |UPROXX|

Hitler sings the theme song to the Jeffersons. Good times. |Warming Glow|

The Big Lebowski Meets The Old Masters In The Work Of Joe Forkan|UPROXX|

Baby Cthulhu Is Adorable, Evil Incarnate |Gamma Squad|

Is ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ Better Than Sports? |With Leather|

8 of the Sexiest Diseases |Adult Swim|

Picture via ILoveOldMagazines

We don’t know if these Scarlett Johansson nude cell phone pictures of her naked are real yet, but whoever’s boobs those are are glorious. |WWTDD|

A piece about comedians who do 9/11 jokes. |Observer|

Bob Ray still needs help crowdfunding his latest films. WON’T YOU HELP?? |USArtists|

How to troll seagulls (useful information). |Buzzfeed|

Miley Cyrus’s brother’s girlfriend is not pregnant, thank God. |TheSuperficial|

This poetry contest is limited to poems about Bill Murray. |Videogum|

Probably the best reckless driving PSA you will ever watch. |GorillaMask|

Seven Cartoons more harmful to children than Spongebob. |ScreenJunkies|

New cosplay hotness: The Flying Spaghetti Monster. |TheDailyWhat|

Washington Post’s most awkward office exercises. |HolyTaco|

8 American snacks and their foreign flavors. |MentalFloss|

Danny Glover one-ups the people who wear Crocs in public |FARK|

Predicting How Many Episodes the Network TV’s New Fall Shows Will Last |Pajiba|

The Best Straight-to-DVD Find Ever |Unreality|

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