New Supercut: “You can’t park here!”

For Oliver’s latest supercut, he tackled the age-old movie cliché “You can’t park here!”, which is up there with “we’ve got company!” and cool guys don’t look at explosions in terms of surprisingly-overused movie scenes.  And of course the you-can’t-park-here version of cool guys not looking at explosions is shooting the parking attendant or meter maid a scornful look, scoffing “keep it,” and tossing him your keys.  I’m so cool, I don’t even care about my car.  The supercut is after the jump, and if you were worried that this wouldn’t include Nic Cage charging purposefully away from a Ferrari, don’t be.

(*protagonist looks at cell phone*)

PROTAGONIST: “I’ve got no signal!”

(*sidekick sees bad guys*)

SIDEKICK: “Uh oh, we’ve got company!”

(*protagonist pulls up to fancy restaurant*)

ATTENDANT: “You can’t park here!”

PROTAGONIST: (*throws attendant keys*) “KEEP IT!”

(*Protagonist runs inside, bad guys follow*)


(*Protagonist emerges from building, pops collar, calmly lights cigarette as restaurant explodes behind him*)

PROTAGONIST: [Witty one-liner]

SIDEKICK: Oh, [Protagonist], you’re incorrigible.

[BIG THANKS to reader Justin D. for submitting this idea]