The new X-Men posters are a Photoshop disaster

Just this morning in my post about awesome posters from Africa, I referenced how awful the last batch of posters for X-Men: First Class were.  Now we have some new ones, and against all odds, they’re EVEN MORE TERRIBLE!  I didn’t think it was possible, but here we are, with another pair of vignette-y-face-over-silhouetted-image posters that seem to shout, “Hey!  Remember Street Fighter?”

The answer of course is NO! Of course we don’t remember Street Fighter!  Not even Chris Klein remembers Street Fighter and he was high on cocaine!  Seriously, poster guy?  A floating head inside a silhouette?  How long did that take you, five?  Six minutes?  What, were you being chased?  Take some time, man!  Wait, do you get paid by the poster or by the hour?  Because I’m pretty sure I could crank out a few hundred of these in an afternoon:

[originals via ComingSoon]