Nic Cage owed $224 in DVD late fees


Nic Cage has a lot of

The owner of Old Bank DVD in Downtown L.A. tells TMZ Nic rented the flicks back in April — “A Star is Born” and “The King of Comedy.”
Problem is, four months later — they haven’t been returned.
Old Bank has resorted to Facebook to get Cage’s attention (they say they can’t get a hold of him) posting …”If anyone happens to run into Nicolas Cage wandering the neighborhood, please kindly remind him he’s had [our DVD’s] for a few months.”
They hilariously add, “Old Bank DVD is not responsible if he gets mad, bursts into flames and beats you up though.”

Aw, I would’ve gone with a Wicker Man reference. NO, NOT THE DVDS! AUUUUGH IT’S IN MY EYES! Anyway, Old Bank had taken to mocking Cage on their Facebook page, posting pictures of Nic Cage photoshopped onto other peoples’ bodies, which seems like a weird “punishment.” If posting Nic Cage as everyone pictures is something you do when he owes you money, he needs to settle up with half my Facebook timeline. But according to Old Bank, the harassment worked:

So, Just got off the phone with Nic and while he was somewhat put off by the media circus surrounding the issue of his late DVD’s that were supposed to have been returned by an assistant before going on location, he seemed generally understanding of our good natured (though, slightly honey badgerish) goofing. Anyway, Old Bank DVD would like to offer a sincere apology To Mr. Cage for any aspersions cast upon his character by our efforts to retrieve our movies. Nic, who is a great customer that still supports local brick and mortars like us, has kindly and quickly taken care of the matter by reimbursing us for the DVD’s and a token amount of late fees in accordance to our standard (and generous) policy. As a token of our appreciation for all the fine work Mr. Cage has done in film, with any rental this weekend, our customers may also pick one Nicolas Cage movie for free – and that’s like half our store, I mean seriously, that’s one hard working actor ;-). Welcome back anytime Nic.

Aw, everyone loves a happy ending (except your mom – makes her wrists tired).

Still no word on when Gary Busey is planning to return the wooden Indian he “borrowed” from a cigar store. I’m guessing not any time soon, since he’s taken to calling it “kemosabe” and appointed it his official “Secretary of Good Times.”

[thanks to Kelly for the tip]