Nicolas Cage Looked Happier Than Ever As He Took Selfies With Fans At SXSW

Nicolas Cage, or at the very least one of the many cyborgs that he’s had created of himself over the years, arrived on the red carpet at yesterday’s premiere of Joe at SXSW, and just look at what a man of the people he is. Cage and his unusual matching orange bead set took a few moments to pose for selfies with the rabid fans in attendance – “Cool Snake Eyes poster, bro!” – all while never taking his eyes off of the cameras that actually mattered. Now if we could only get a photo of Cage nodding to John Travolta as they pass each other at the hair plug outlet they both shop at.

As you can see above, it started out rather normal and mostly charming, as Cage posed for a photo opp with a cute young lady, but then things got kind of weird.

Cage posed with another young lady, and he was either posing as if he was lost in thought, or he spotted someone with just the right skull size for him to finish his “Chair of Immortality” in his pyramid tomb.

Eventually, that guy with the death stare from the first image made his way to the front – possibly by unhinging his jaw and devouring both girls before shouting, “Go Yankees!” But bro, this photo is gonna look so epic when he posts it to his Instagram account. Follow him at “AirbrushedDragonVanGuy69.” Of course, as with any event, Cage eventually just ended up posing with no one while mumbling something about a map on the back of his forehead wax.