Nick Frost Is A Big Fan Of James Franco In ‘Spring Breakers’

Husky British actor and all-around delightful gentleman Nick Frost recently sat for an interview with Empire magazine in which he discussed some of his favorite movies, and one of his picks may surprise you. Or, maybe it won’t. Anyway, it was ‘Spring Breakers.’ Nick Frost looked at Franco’s shit, and apparently liked what he saw.

“I absolutely LOVED ‘Spring Breakers.’ I knew that Edgar [Wright] liked it a lot and knew almost nothing about it going in and I thought it was amazing. I heart James Franco and thought he was dangerously charismatic as the grill-wearing Alien. I think by the end of it I wished he’d seduce me into his murderous band,” he confessed to the publication.

Nick went on to name Ben Wheatley’s ‘A Field in England’ as the last movie he couldn’t get out of his head and ‘The Exorcist’ as the last film that scared him. [BelfastTelegraph]

‘Spring Breakers’ is a movie that’s impossible to talk about without bringing up James Franco, because without him, it’s barely a movie. With him, it’s barely a movie. If I’d watched it at home, I probably would’ve turned it off before I ever made it to the “LOOK! AT MY SHIT!” scene, and yet that scene was so good it nearly made up for everything else. So I guess I’m not surprised that Nick Frost liked it, and especially the James Franco parts. I just wonder if he knows that this means James Franco is going to write a poem about him now. Or maybe he’ll carve “Nick Frost” into his arm as an art piece? Really, the James Franco art tie-in possibilities are endless. My money is on a poem about bumping into Nick Frost at a party that James Franco takes a picture of himself writing and then frames, covers in Seth Rogen’s semen and then paints a watercolor of. You’re welcome, James, you now owe me one MFA.

Here’s the trailer for Frost’s latest, ‘Cuban Fury,’ in case you’re interested.