Nick Nolte is lookin’ good

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09.05.12 19 Comments

I don’t usually post random paparazzi pictures of celebrities and their families, but I could watch Nick Nolte do almost anything. Whether he’s searching for a lost satchel or adopting crows while he plays the didgeridoo, Nick Nolte is a prehistoric, unkillable booze machine whose entire life is a fish-out-of-water comedy, and I dig that about him. Here he is riding bumper cars with his 5-year-old daughter (Nick Nolte is 71) at a carnival in Malibu. I’m told that seconds after this was taken, he puked up three Xanax, two heartworm pills for dogs, and a priceless Indian arrowhead.

As for the expression on his face, I think it’s clear the gypsy woman he punched out one drunken night in Budapest is finally coming through on her threat to turn him into a pig.

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