Nicolas Cage Was Introduced To Himself

In news so creepy you should actually expect it to involve Nicolas Cage, the star of the upcoming films Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and The Frozen Ground visited Paris, France over the weekend as he was honored by the Musée Grévin with his very own wax statue. The tribute to Cage is dressed rather modestly in a blue button down and jeans, which is surprising because when a guy owns random dinosaur skulls, names his kid Kal-El and plans to be buried in a giant pyramid tomb, you’d think they might at least give his statue a sweet bolo tie.
While we love Cage and think it’s great to see him honored, I can’t help but think that maybe his wax statue is a bit… unflattering. In fact, it looks a little like Christopher Walken. I’m just saying the point of a tribute like this should be to honor the man at his peak of fame, and not his peak of Botox billing. Taylor Lautner’s also getting a wax statue from Musée Grévin soon. Will they make his look like a creepy great uncle? It’s only fair.
Meanwhile, in super awesome (and typical) Cage news, the actor wants to make a sequel to his classic Wicker Man. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “How the hell can he star in a sequel to Wicker Man, and will his co-star be his wax statue?” The answers are simple – he’ll play a ghost and probably.

(Images via Reuters and the AP.)

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